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South Africa, My Beloved Country of Many Contrasts

My country, South Africa, is a place of many interesting contrasts. As an example, we are classified as a 3rd world country, and our Gini Coefficient is amongst the highest in the world. But we are very advanced in areas such as road infrastructure, mining and mobile technology. Fundamental to the reason for the birth of this blog, consider the following facts:

Let me paraphrase the various scenarios above to make the point about the contrast I referred to. On one hand, we are growing a jobless economy. On another hand, we spend a lot on education that does not yield required skills to satisfy industry demand. Let me explore the subject of jobs and education further below.

The country has an acute literacy and numeracy problem, and the government of the day has been trying to address this by spending the largest portion of its budget ($15 billion or 20% in 2009/2010) in the last few years in the key focus area of education, with limited success thus far. The irony of it is that South Africa is rated amongst the highest spenders on education in the developing world, but the government is battling to derive value for its spend.

The main cause of the current dismal situation is unfortunately still the legacy of apartheid, which continues to trouble this country despite 16 years of democracy.

There are several challenges that are difficult to surmount, not least of which is entrenched structural deficiency. A lot has been written on the subject of ineffective education by various esteemed experts such as Professor Haroon Bhorat. I am not an expert in this area by any stretch of the imagination, but it is very relevant to me as an info-preneur.

My specific area of interest is how deficiencies that lead to the disparity between industry demand and supply of required skills can be turned into business opportunities. I am working on an exciting business idea that will be looking to develop a solution to address the mentioned disparity, and I intend to blog on it and other related matters as I go.


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