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Focus on education by South African government encouraging

I read Mr Blade Nzimande’s higher education 2015 strategy 3 weeks ago and I was impressed by the  clarity of purpose and level of commitment demonstrated. What’s more, there is a definite skew towards measurability of KPI’s. What caught my eye was the department’s clear intention to actively influence the choice of post-Matric  studies towards vocational qualifications in line with identified scarce and critical skills.

There is a positive sign that the government of the day is committed to increasing numbers of matriculants who want to study further through broadening of access to financial assistance on one hand, and improving the link between higher education output and the job market input on another. As an indication of this commitment, the Department of Higher Education will be launching a career guidance campaign in the middle of July. The campaign will target higher education prospects from all corners of the country, but especially from areas where access to career information and counseling is currently a challenge. A call centre manned by career counselors is going to be set up for regular contact, and roadshows will be undertaken to take career information services to the people that need it most.  This sounds like music to my ears, and I fully support this initiative.

As a show of my support, I am going to attend the inaugural launch of the initiative above, titled the Nelson Mandela Career Guidance Campaign, on the 18th of July in Giyani, Limpopo. As the whole world must know by now, the date of launch this aptly titled initiative will be oh Nelson Mandela’s 92nd birthday, and this is befitting given the old man’s passion for social upliftment.

The higher education concept I am working on will complete Mr Nzimande’s career guidance initiative like a hand in a glove.


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